Addressing the Emotional Component of Learning

Yes, The Quarter Mile Math is a tool that helps students increase their speed and fluency in mental math. But it also provides students the opportunity to do math—and a lot of it—in a context that is not only non-threatening but is actually fun. This is very important because the emotional component of learning math and the intellectual component are very much intertwined. The degree to which a student is struggling in math, for instance, will tend to put the emotions more on the surface than if math comes easily to them.

There are two aspects of the Quarter Mile Math that relate specifically to the emotional component of learning math.

First, the self-competitive format is one that provides an incredibly healthy environment in which the student can balance the intellectual and emotional aspects of learning math in a natural, positive way. In fact, we have a video that discusses this and also offers additional ideas about how important that format is. While it discusses emotion in the context of The Quarter Mile Math, you might find the ideas helpful and perhaps applicable to other areas of your homeschooling curriculum, as well. It’s called, “The Quarter Mile addresses the emotional component of learning math.” And it’s on the How it Works > Benefits page.

It is because of the emotional component of learning math that The Quarter Mile Math doesn’t automatically advance students to the next topic. Even if students are intellectually ready to go to the next topic, they might not be emotionally ready. In some cases, especially when students have been struggling in a subject, they benefit from being able to stay in a topic a little past the point of mastery. Over the course of more races, they can demonstrate to themselves that they really have advanced in their abilities. They might benefit from being able to “revel” in having mastered the content. For this reason, The Quarter Mile Math lets the home educator—the one who really knows the child—have control over the decision as to when to advance the student.

For those who are struggling in math or those who simply don’t like school, the way in which The Quarter Mile Math addresses the issue of emotion can provide the student with the opportunity to conquer their fears of learning and demonstrate their ability to succeed. If such students find a single area of their education that gets them excited, that can serve as leverage in freeing them from feelings of negativity toward math and perhaps school in general.

“The kids really, really love it.... They ask me every day, “Can we play it?”
Pam Drozd, Homeschooling parent, Naperville, IL
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