Getting Started Quickly

The following will help get your kids off and racing quickly! Included here are references to some key information about The Quarter Mile Math.

Brief overview

For an overview of the main features of The Quarter Mile Math, you can watch a brief video called, “How the Quarter Mile works—key features.” (This video runs 2 minutes, 50 seconds.)

DEMO tutorial

If you download a DEMO, it has directions in purple text that guide you through the program—from signing in, selecting a topic, racing, etc. (Once the DEMO is installed, you can do the above—including playing two races in a simple topic—in about five minutes.)

Tips & Info

For an ongoing collection of helpful Tips & Info, visit that page. The first two “Tips” and the first item under “Info” are important to understand. (It takes a few minutes to read these but they’re worth it.) If you would like to receive the Tips & Info emails, click here to sign up.

User’s Forum

The User’s Forum will have helpful ideas for how fellow homeschoolers are incorporating The Quarter Mile Math into their curricula. Once you’ve used The Quarter Mile Math for a while, we’d love to have you share how you’re using it through our Users’ Forum.

“The kids really, really love it.... They ask me every day, “Can we play it?”
Pam Drozd, Homeschooling parent, Naperville, IL
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