Sharing The Quarter Mile Math with Friends

If you’d like an easy way to forward information about The Quarter Mile Math to friends, you can download a brief, informational document called “Quarter Mile Math Info.pdf.

Of course, if they’re visiting you, you can always let them try the Quarter Mile Math for themselves.

Also, if you would like us to demonstrate the Quarter Mile Math during a homeschool support group, we’d be happy to do that. While we can’t come to your home, we’ve found that using a speakerphone or Skype works well. If one person was at a computer that everyone could see, we would walk them through the different features. It would take about a dozen minutes. Of course, questions and answers would take longer. If you’d like to set up such a session, please call 800-553-9155 or email us at

“The kids really, really love it.... They ask me every day, “Can we play it?”
Pam Drozd, Homeschooling parent, Naperville, IL
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