CD, Deluxe, and Network Versions - A Comparison

Free Educator TrainingChoose between the Standard Version, Deluxe Version and the Network Version

All three versions have the same award-winning, self-competitive, highly effective format that kids love and educators find invaluable.

Standard Version

The CD version contains core student scoring and tracking. Chronological tracking is on a topic by topic basis.

Network and Deluxe Versions

The network and deluxe versions have additional features.

  Network Version Deluxe Version
Where is the data saved? On the school’s server To Barnum’s web site servers (students never need to go to our web site)
Multiple-school and district-wide tournaments (this really drives up the math energy!) No, unless the competing schools compare their independent rankings. Yes (and it can be in real time, too!)
Students can be given the option to install the software at home for continued use. No, since the data is being saved on the school server. Yes
Upgrades Affordable upgrades Free upgrades
Price One-time purchase Affordable annual subscription
Has a single screen that shows all the topics a student has been in—perfect for a quick appraisal of progress. Can be printed. Yes Yes
Automatically tracks a student's progress chronologically in each topic. Yes Yes
Shows the number of races completed daily in each topic and a grand total. Yes Yes
Shows the number of correct answers entered daily in each topic and a grand total. Yes Yes
Students can be in real time tournaments. Yes Yes

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