Teacher Testimonials

Instructor Magazine Named "cream of the crop" in their annual software reviews. Of the three programs chosen, it was the only math practice program.

"An invaluable classroom resource"
Institute for School Innovation

"All Star Award"
Children's Software Review

"Sylvan Learning Centers™ chose The Quarter Mile Math: Levels 1, 2, and 3 Bundle as the math practice software to be used in all 1,300+ centers in the United States and Canada."

"Best Software"
Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Mathematics Company of the Year
Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Media & Methods Magazine Award Winner

"The kids beg me, they bribe me to be able to play.... Of all the programs, that's the one they love the best.... They'll stay after school [to use it.]. It's phenomenal."
LaVenia Rilington, School Dept. Chair, Savannah, GA

"I've been in education for 20 years and this is the most phenomenal piece of software I've ever seen... I told my principal that it's non-negotiable-"If you want me, I have to have this software."
Bob Pratt, P.B.I.S.D., FL

“I have 300 kids hooked like you wouldn’t believe…. Your program is inspiring…. It’s great.”
John Gouin, Educator, Coconut Creek, FL

"You get four or five times more drill per unit of time using this program versus others."
Peter Kaplan, Teacher, Sarasota, FL

"The kids who hate math love this game."
Vic Hugo, H.B.U.S.D., Huntington Beach, CA

"I'm a Title 1 teacher and I love this program."
Barbara Bowen, Chico, CA

"I love it. We love it.... Our kids use [the deluxe version] at school and at home."
David Forsey, Principal and District Technology Chair, Duluth, GA

"I have special ed. It works so well for my kids and it's fun. This is the first time my kids know their multiplication tables."
Karin Paustell, Educator, Cyprus, CA

"I love it.... It's a great program."
Stacy Patton, Educator, Laytonville, CA

"The kids love it.... I have kids every day at lunch doing that game.... They really want to do it.... I've been really impressed.... Kids who have never done anything else for me will do this forever.... Their grades are definitely improving. Almost half of my students got A's and B's.... They're doing better than I've ever seen."
Wendy Carlson, Teacher, Carmichael, CA

"It's the first [math software program] I've seen that really does all I want it to do."
Jessica Baldwin, Teacher, Las Vegas, NV

"I'm loving it.... The kids are engaged.... I'm ecstatic and my administrator is ecstatic."
Andrew Needle, Teacher Van Nuys, CA

"It's the best software we have.... The kids like that better than anything.... We're using it in every grade level. We love this program."
Geraldine Yates, Teacher, Concord, NC

"I've used this from third grade on up to... a continuation high school.... No matter what kids we put on this program, they get hooked, and it becomes almost impossible to get them off the computer. It's really an excellent piece of software."
Doug Lane, District Technology Coordinator, Bear Valley, CA

"[The Quarter Mile] is marvelous...very excellent.... It's a teacher's goldmine."
Mary Ann Klemkosky, Tech. Coor. for USD, Pottsville, PA

"I taught junior high math for 31 years and I would have killed for this program…. I think it’s an awesome product.”
Jean Rhinehart, Educator, The Summit Country Day School, Cincinnati, OH

“Your program is inspiring…. I have 300 kids hooked like you wouldn’t believe…. It’s great.”
John Gouin, Educator, Lyons Creek Middle School, Coconut Creek, FL

"The kids use this like crazy.... We can see a big difference in their grades.... It's amazing how fast they'll learn their facts.... You can really see the enthusiasm.... The enthusiasm is contagious.... We're thrilled with it.... We can't say enough good about [the Quarter Mile.]"
Mrs. Lesterance, Instructional Aid, Pennsville, NJ

"The kids absolutely love The Quarter Mile. I use it at all grade levels."
Helen Cyprus, Teacher, Irvine, CA

"My kids were obsessed with the program."
Ann Moran, Special Ed. Teacher, San Rafael, CA

"The kids go crazy for it."
Nick Roberts, Teacher, Mill Valley, CA

"Absolutely the best piece of math software that we have.... Even our most unmotivated students (including [Title 1], at risk, etc.) want to give up their lunch time to play The Quarter Mile."
Mary White, Teacher, Redondo Beach, CA

"The teachers fight over it."
Jane Nelson, Technology Coordinator, San Francisco, CA

"That's the best software purchase we've made. The Quarter Mile is the most popular math program with the students."
Michael Serbinski, Teacher/Administrator, Baudette, MN

"They came a long way in a very short period of time. ... We love this program.... It really does help them to learn...."
Amy Foster, Teacher, La Grange, TX

"The wards [students] quickly became 'hooked' on it and it was difficult to get them to stop playing once they started... The students are showing growth in areas I've had to reteach several times without success."
Rachel McCoy, Teacher, Oak Glen Youth Conservation Camp, Yucaipa, CA

"It's a great program for middle school, grade school, adult school.... It's tremendous. It's tremendous." Jeffrey Brain, Larkspur School District, Larkspur, CA

"The kids are going nuts over the Quarter Mile. They come in before school, at recess, lunch time, after school.... It's the most user-friendly math software I've seen."
Cliff Bach, Hoonah City USD, Hoonal, AK

"Definitely the most popular one we have."
Betty Herman, Youth ranch, Naches, WA

"The best program in the world!... We use it every day."
Steve Larson, Teacher, California Youth Authority

"We love it. We use it constantly."
Kelly Esra, Technology Advisor, Indianapolis, IN

"Very definitely The Quarter Mile is the most popular program I have by far. You get them on it and they would do that all day."
Scott Figg, Teacher, Davenport, IA

"[The Quarter Mile] is moving the students light years farther than they were before."
Jory Hallanan, California Youth Authority, Paso Robles, CA

"It's great for students with learning disabilities."
Sari Follansbee, Dir. of Curriculum CAST (Center for Applies Special Technologies, Inc., Peabody, MA

“All of the students at our school benefited greatly from this program…. It is the best program I have viewed in my 15 years…. I think it's the greatest program that ever was.”
Don Leavitt, Math Dept. Head, Tulsa, OK

"They'll do anything to spend ten minutes playing [it].... It's great stuff."
Wanda Siebert, Jr/Sr high teacher, Hope, IN

"They were so excited with the program it was all I could do to get them away from it."
Ron Becher, Auto Shop Teacher, Birmingham, AL

"I recommend it to everybody."
Lisa Johnson, "Technology Coordinator and world's best teacher" (per her principal) Del Ray Beach, FL

"It's a wonderful program. I use it for my 6th, 7th and 8th grades."
Nancy Fonger, Systems Operator, Central Square, NY

"I love the program. The kids love it too."
Mike Bowlby, Special Ed./LD teacher, Palmer, AK

"The slowest kid in my class will...play the game where he wouldn't if he had to compete with a faster kid.... The kids need this practice."
Bill Olsen, Teacher, La Palma, CA

"The kids absolutely love it."
Joan Madaglia, Teacher, Carrolton, GA

"It's exactly what we need.... The kids love it... I was really pleased with it."
Marilyn Katzman, District Math Consultant, Castle Rock, CO

"I marvel every time as it completely captures their attention. It's an invaluable tool. It strengthens their facts. I'm more successful and the kids are less stressed... the kids have a greater mastery [of math]. It's amazing."
Ron Poulos, Educator, Cambria, CA

"I run a Title 1 program.... They love it.... This is really helping the kids."
Carol Parker, Kearny, AZ

“The kids are loving it…. They’re so excited.”
Tammy McLane, Educator, Argenta-Oreana, Argenta, IL

“I love the program…. The kids love it.”
David Forsey, Principal, Duluth Junior Academy, Duluth, GA

“They love it.”
Dotty Smith, Educator, Fremont Elementary, Farmington, UT

"The kids love it."
Shawn Broom, Educator, Colmesneil, TX

"I love the program.... I've used it for years."
Judy Calise, Middle School Educator, Redwood City, CA

"We absolutely love this program. The kids love it. The teachers love it."
Annette Corbalis, Elementary School Technology, Modesto, CA

"The kids absolutely love it."
Mellissa Devers, Educator, Jacksonville Beach, Fl

"The kids love the program."
Kim Graham, Junior High Educator, Arp, TX

"It's a fantastic program. I absolutely love it.... The kids love it too."
Sherry Hushen, Educator, Fort Hood, TX

"Students come in before school to [use the Quarter Mile]. They get great practice and they really line up to use it!"
Louise Jones, Junior High Educator, Wauchula, FL

"This is the best software. You have everything in it."
Linda Elliott, Garden Grove, CA

"My kids love it."
Tammy O'Rourke, Elementary Educator

"The kids love it.... We saw a lot of the math scores improve.... Their skill levels went way up."
Marcia Pringle, Middle School Educator, Hudson, FL

"My students love it."
Tamera Rountree, Educator, Lake City, FL

"They love it. They absolutely love it."
Lisa Sanders, Elementary School Educator, Kerman, CA

"The kids love it.... The teachers love it because [the kids] are competing against themselves."
Colleen Schroeder, Educator, Lanark, IL

"They all love it."
Jahad Suboh, Dir. of Info Systems, Earlimart School District, Earlimart, CA

"The teachers love it."
Gerry Strong, Educator, San Diego, CA

"We love the program. I gave it to a fellow teacher to use with her slower kids.... They love [it.]" Denise Threadgill, Educator, Longview, TX

"I love it. I swear by it. My kids fight to get to the computer. They love it. They come in every morning and go straight to it. It's wonderful. It's so simple."
Lynn Tomich, Educator, Ocala, FL

"We love your program.... The kids love it. There is usually a group wanting to [use] it each morning before school.... this [is a] wonderful and educational program. It amazes me how they love math when they are in a competitive mood."
Pam Warren, Junior High School Media Specialist, Wauchula, FL

"The kids love the software."
Nellouise Watkins, Education Dept., N. Carolina State University, NC

"I think it's a fabulous program. There's so much you can do.... It really engages them."
Christine Wright, E.L.D. Coordinator, Atascadero, CA

"The kids love it."
Gary Cooper, Teacher, Drumright, OK

"My elementary students love this program.... your program gives us the most satisfaction and keeps the students wanting to race until we make them quit.... Sometimes I use your software as a reward program as well.... the Quarter [Mile] Math program... makes them work harder and get better scores. I even have students who like to come in before school... to [use it.]... I also think using your product will help our school in the upcoming... testing which is so important."
George Wintle, Educator, Anderson, TX

"I have kids that skip recess to use this."
Peter Wise, Educator, Monument, CO

"I absolutely love the software.... My kids love how interactive it is and how it accompanies their learning in my class."
William Blackledge, Educator, Marshville, NC

"You've got a great product. I love it.... It works with all kids."
Liza Keyes, Educator, Mill Valley, CA

"We love the program."
Shawn Wise, Educator, Colmesneil, TX

"I think you program's phenomenal."
Elynn Shapiro, Educator, Neptune, NJ

"The kids are getting a lot out of it.... They're doing 200 to 300 problems in a one hour class. There's no other way to accomplish that. That's invaluable."
John Riley, Educator, Indianapolis, IN

"Love it! Love it! Love it!. My tutorial students think is so fun and are becoming much more fluent with their facts." Marcy Herndon, Educator, Gonzales, TX

"[The special ed. teacher] just absolutely loves it."
Becky McCormick, District Technology Integration Specialist, Odem, TX

"The kids love it."
Tammy McLean, Educator, Argenta, IL

"We love it.... The kids love it."
Diane Chaney, Educator, Cocoa, FL

“The kids are going nuts over the Quarter Mile. They come in before school, at recess, lunch time, after school.... It's the most user-friendly math software I've seen." Cliff Bach, Hoonah City USD, Hoonal, AK”
Cliff Bach, Hoonah City USD, Hoonal, AK