See the "Quarter Mile Math Tournament Handbook"

Students can conduct the tournaments.

Each Quarter Mile school product comes with a Quarter Mile Tournament Handbook. It is also on each CD in a PDF format. It describes the numerous ways students, teachers and parents can hold Quarter Mile tournaments and tournament fund-raisers. It also includes helpful hints for home use. In tournaments, students play in a single topic and then compare their scores. Tournaments include the "Round Robin," "Match," "Line-up," "Team," "Four-minute," "Elimination," "Race-a-thon," "School," "School District" and more.

  • Educators and/or students successfully hold tournaments in their classrooms-even when they have only one computer!
  • One teacher staged a school-wide tournament for over 500 enthusiastic students!
  • Home users could organize a tournament for the kids in the neighborhood or peer group.
  • Excellent for use with the deluxe version (formerly known as “internet-portal”) and network version: Students can save their scores in a single folder. This enables them to easily see their ranking during the competition. Plus, the ranking can be printed.

“We absolutely love this program. The kids love it. The teachers love it.”
Annette Corbalis, Elementary School Technology, Modesto, CA

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